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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. we are live here at san francisco general hospital where there is new developments in the bryan stow case why the hospital is seeking more money. and surfing the web, i will tell you what deals are out there. >> >> the highest court gets ready to rule on one of the nation's
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most decisive issues. ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, this monday morning, november 25th, i am pam -- november 25th, -- november november 26th. >> and here is tara. thanks, steve, here is a look at 280 and actually we have no fog so that is good news. bay point, that area is also looking fog free at this hour and those headlights are westbound as folks make their way towards concord and the  dense fog advisory is making for a tough commute on the bay bridge. lorraine blanco is live at the
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toll plaza with what drivers are dealing with that, hello. >> reporter: hello, tara, you can see it is extremely foggy behind me and you can barely see the light poles behind me and beyond that, tolls are not visible. be prepared for a lost breaking and also on the side streets, you couldn't see signs this morning and driving through a good part of the east bay is a challenge this morning. we shot video near emoryville and mcarthur maze. and an advisory is in effect here as well as the golden gate bridge, -- golden gate bridge, richmond san rafael and dinesh why bridges and remember to give yourself -- and venetia bridges and remember to give
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yourself extra time. lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco hospital wants more than a million dollars in the case of giants fan bryan stow in the brutal beating he suffered. live outside the hospital with more information about this claim for reimbursement, good morning, brian. >> reporter: yes, good morning, still many unfolding elements but they still continue to recover and they are suing to get money back from the dodgers. they are seeking a medical reimbursement from the dodgers in relation to him after his beating. now the hospital took care of bryan stow for four months and went to pursue the reimbursement and it is reported that the deadline to report such claims has passed and the l.a. times is reporting that the
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bankruptcy judge is reporting for reimbursement and it is still unclear whether it will take place but bryan stow continues to receive treatment. no word from san francisco hospital or los angeles dodgers and meanwhile stow and his familiar -- bryan stow and his family are preparing to go to court in a separate lawsuit, brian flores ktvu channel 2 morning news. overnight a man was shot an injured while sitting in his car in east palo alto. it happened last night on madison avenue. police believe somebody walked up to the car and shot him. we do not know the man's name or his condition but he is a 40- year-old from menlo park and so far no arrests have been made. we are learning about a fatal collision on highway 50 that killed four people. the crash happened near placerville when the driver of a car veered across four lanes and into the path of a mini- van. three members of a family were
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killed in that mini-van. their 10-year-old is in the hospital with severe injuries. a four-year-old in the mini-van also died. they believe the driver of the car may have swerved to avoid hitting a deer. supreme court could decide whether to take up the issue of same sex marriage. they are scheduling a closed door meeting and one issue the justices could make to make same sex marriage legal before christmas, we will explain. and retailers are kicking off cyber monday. jeanine della vega is there to tell us about those tells being offered online today. jeanine? >> reporter: they started offering discounts last week to get a jump but there are still plenty of deals here, these
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diamond earrings have gone down to $389 and now they are on sale for 169 bucks. many people are head back to work and they are expected to spend some of the time in their offices buying. retailers are offering everything from electronics to clothes to toys. and according to research firm, calm score they are expected to spend $1.5 billion last year but since black friday was so successful they are wondering if cyber monday will be just as strong. >> i mean the crowds were extraordinary and now we'll see how much we've got left over for the cyber monday stuff. >> reporter: analysts will be praying on people who use mow pill devices as well as smart phones and outdated web browsers without the latest
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security software. they should only go to reputable sites and avoid using your debit card, jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. for cyber monday charities will take a step for giving tuesday. people in businesses are being asked to donate time or money tomorrow. a new survey is showing 83% would rather give a meaningful gift to help somebody than a more traditional gift. however only 45% of a tilts will be likely -- of adults will be likely to give a more charitable gift. we have been pretty lucky, no major problems but we have six bay area bridges under a fog advisory and in vallejo,
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marin, san francisco, take it slowly. we are under an advisory and it is also the same story at the richmond san rafael, venetia, and san mateo bridge, also the bay bridge, this is the toll plaza where the metering lights are on. holiday is over and people are headed back to work so give yourself some extra time to combat the fog. no fog on 237 milpitas, and you can see taillights as you make your way towards sunny veil and there are no major delays. here is steve. well, we have a few areas that are cold and clear and cold and clear an locations around the bay, we are dealing with a lost fog, hazy skies, increasing clouds wednesday that you sunday, heavier are
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quest -- heaviest rain, some areas of visibility are just awful. by wednesday, we will focus our attention on heavy rain with butty conditions and -- blustery conditions and off and on a rainy weekend and we will have increased rain results but not until wednesday. some areas are kind of cold out there but after we end up on the sunnyside, yesterday was a slow process towards the santa clara valley and for some it can be a tall advisory. it does take a lot of that cloud cover and we will be talking about fog increasing clouds and the first system looks like a very wet commute and we will get a break
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wednesday afternoon and that looks to be a series as we head towards wednesday. thick fog for some, really tough for many areas around the bridge and again if you can get through that fog, if you don't start out with any fog ought all, rain a roofs and the next part of the system flyball thursday night and friday into saturday, look off and on with rain moderate especially heavier to the north. what city leaders are ready to do to make sure your plane is safe from birds, we will explain. and a video that is going vie roll in california. -- viral in california.
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. you have to see this individual years fight in a sacramento mall, this cell phone video shows people punching each other. this has been seen by 50,000 people at least. one shopper even threw a trash can. the fight started in a victoria secret right into the center of a mall. and after being detained in the parking lot, a man stole two dvd players yesterday morning
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and was detained by two employees and a security guard. now witnesses say the security guard put the suspected thief in a choke hold. when police arrived, the man was bleeding from his nose and mouth and he died a short while later. kevin was killed on saturday. he is from arcade and was assigned to an east coast seal team out of virginia. this they are asking for more approval for east coast domestic drones. they have been flooded with applications from private companies and even celebrity tmz and there is a big push for drones since many aviation firms are in the state.
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less than a month in several states, they approved same sex marriage and whether north they want to get involved. here is more on what the supreme court justice could decide on tying the knot before christmas. >> reporter: pam, there are more than a half dozen cases before the united states supreme court involving same sex marriage and this week they will decide whether to weigh in on any of them. proposition 8 is on the line and that's the voter approved ban on same sex marriage in california. they are recording the challenge to proposition 8 and that's whether they will legally mary right away. the justices are also considering whether to take up challenges in the federal law.
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gay marriage supporters are trying influence the court. >> the winds are at our back but the journey has just gun... >> reporter: some legal analysts are saying the court may shy away from this, reporting live allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is now 6:15, a 14-year- old boy is accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 65-year-old woman. she was abduct by gunpoint and assaulted. he is charged with 10 felony counts including torture and attempted murder. one of the men accused of vandalizing a -- vandalizing aman muni bus, he is facing a judge today. he is accused of setting a bus on fire on third and market. hudson is facing one count of
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vandalism and one count of willful tampering with a passenger vehicle. he is still in jail this morning. san francisco national airport reports about 2 5,000 more travelers passed through its doors than a typical sunday. nearly 30,000 passengers used fso but they reported fog backing things up by as much as two hours. oakland and san jose have not released their numbers yet. san jose is getting ready to make a controversial move and they are giving stafferrers and biologists the okay to shoot birds. for the most part they will use blanks but they only allow police and military to fire guns at the airport and there have been more than 180 air strikes since 2009 and the most
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recent was in june when siegels hit an airline jet. dog owners are being paid to spay and neuter their dogs. coming up, where this is happening and how much money those owners can receive. south bay, it is really clear but foggy north. >> all of your bay area bridges, except for the dumbarton and davis, vacaville, vallejo and san francisco. if you look at lafayette, you can see traffic is getting heavier towards oh written do and -- orinda and you can barely make out the headlights headed towards the mcarthur maze and give yourself some extra time. and at the bay bridge toll
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plaza, those metering lights are on so give yourself extra time for traffic as well as the fog this morning. 6:18, here is steve. clear for some and as you saw other locations is foggy and it's clear in the upper 40s and yet in the fog it can be in the upper 50s. all of that willp start working towards us and a tense fog advisory takes us until 9:00. there is also coastal fog, mostly sunny has he i and mild today and the dry pattern is ending on a big way. it looks like into sunday we could have into sunday a heavier rain and we will have about a foot of rain which is what they are predicting.
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things will turn very wet around here. and right now everything is coming together and it is still a day and a half away but temperatures are in the 30s, 40s and 50s. and today it is clear so there is a little different pattern compared to yesterday and it's stacking up on the coast but enough to give us an advisory and a series of systems starting wednesday and thursday and after that we will get shake kill thick with hazy skies and if you tonight break through that fog, we have a little bit of a broad brush and coast bay and inland may be close. wednesday morning. next part of the system comes in and after that it will take us into the weekend.
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compass prices continue to slip and the sheepest gas is up in santa rosa. san jose is just a penny more and all of those are lower than the statewide average and even that is 50 cents less than all the stuff we were paying a month ago. >> it is 1,000 and blame that -- blame it on somebody else. diesel are up to $210 and the biggest increase is for the swans with now 7 totaling $7,000. the wages for drummers and pipers are also up and $125 for each group.
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>> i will resist singing. >> i like your singing. >> oh, there is a man in sacramento making a point by fighting crime in his own way. >> whew! >> what happened over the weekend and what that man is doing to protect his home... and they are showing their battle bravery and we will tell him who put him up for the challenge. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on,
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offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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offering some of our best values of the year.
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. chp is searching for a driver who hit and killed a woman in south san francisco. it happened 8:30 on the northbound side of the freeway. the woman was walking near the off ramp when she was hit. it is still not clear why she was walking on the freeway and we don't know her name as of yet. a sacramento man took matters into his own hand after somebody broke into his home. >> reporter: 75-year-old don keva heard his dog barking and discovered two people were trying break into his home. he held one man with a bow and arrow pointed at his face. >> you have to keep your house
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locked all the time day and night. >> now the suspect was later released after there was no evidence connecting him to the crime. for now he will keep his bow and arrow close by. they will pay owners of dogs to dark dogs to spay and neuter their animals. owners will be paid $20 and the humane society said it was a response to the high number of these types of dogs in bay area shelters. this time they were not sheering and instead -- cheering but instead they cheered for them. these indianapolis colt cheerleaders shaved their heads, he has been away most of the season battling leukemia. they first issued a challenge to the cheerleaders on twitter
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and together they have raised more than 23,000 dollars. a lot of bay areas are dealing with he heavy dangerous fog. >> they are under a heavy fog advisory and let take a look at one of those bridges where you can see traffic flowing very nicely and it is definitely nicer. and at 380 fremont, you can see traffic in both directions. well, a combination of coastal and inland fog, we will tell you, there is some thick fog out there and mr. c tweeted me. hearse set heights antigen any
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in general -- merced heights and jenny, we will have to deal with some heavy rain and more on that coming up in about ten minutes. a big scare in one san francisco neighborhood, what sent more than a dozen people to the hospital and what is the challenge for investigators. dense fog throughout the bay area and we are going to show you what it is like across the bay area. >> pam will tell you how shopping could play a big role on wall street.
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. welcome back, cardinal in new york and catholic charities, of course this is the season, and a little giving
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on the nasdaq, if you would like to do some online shopping, blue nile may i suggest. largest retailers of diamonds and fine jewelry. and of course, cyber monday, we will tell you about the stocks to watch because of it. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is monday, november 25th, i am dave clark. >> it is now 6:30 and we are tracking a top morning commute back to workday because of the fog. lorraine blanco is in oakland this morning to show us how dense the fog advisory is and it looks a bit clearer than it was an hour ago. >> reporter: yes, just a tad clearer and i want to show you the billboards. they are usually brilliantly bright in the morning and today they are in dense fog and right
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here behind me, the toll plaza, it is a little better than it was before but it's still unrecognizable and all you see are headlights. the cal trains are warning of dense fog and on 80 east, we hit berkeley, el cerrito and richmond and there is a break in the fog right around san pablo and be prepared for a lost breaking not just on bridges but on side streets and jack london square, you could not read the signs but driving on the east bay is a challenge this morning and advice are yous remain in effect for golden gate bridge, san mateo bridge and venetia and san francisco bridge and he just tweeted me, he said it is its especially foggy on the western span of the dumbarton bridge
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and no fog advisory has been issued for dumbarton but it will be tough throughout the bay area so be sure to give yourself extra time, slow down and use those low beam lights. in oakland, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in overnight news, a carbon- monoxide poisoning scare sent 14 people to the hospital and there is still a search as to where it came from. alex savage has more on how they are trying to figure this out. >> reporter: pell a pg&e spokesperson said one of their representatives was here until late -- well, a spokesperson from pg&e said one of their representatives was here until late last night and tested and did not get any carbon-monoxide readings in any case so the source is unclear this morning. though a total of 14 people
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were transported to the hospital after being exposed to the colorless odorless gas. they were sent to this house and firefighters checked out the family members and they say they had some carbon-monoxide in their bloodstream. a pg&e spokesperson came to the house but was not able to figure out where the carbon- monoxide gas came from and we spoke to a neighbor who was concerned about family members. >> we are okay and a few people had to be sent to the hospital and we are okay but i don't know about the family right now. >> reporter: i just checked in with the san francisco dispatcher and how the sick ended family members are doing this morning and he did not have an update on the condition of the family members. all families should have carbon- monoxide detecters and starting
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january they must all have them installed and there is no word on whether they were alerted by one of those detecters. the father of a vallejo teen is in jail after he shot and killed another boy who was fighting with his son. it happened yesterday morning near glenn cove. randy senior is accused of fatally shooting a 17-year-old richmond boy after getting a call from his son for help. neighbors who here yelling when all of a sudden shots rang out. >> all you heard was pow, pow, pow, i just ducked and laid down. >> it is scary that somebody across the street got shot. >> the this is vallejo's 21st homicide of the year. and an outbreak of gun violence, what we are lending about three fatal shootings in
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just 24 hours. now more protests in egypt days afteree gist gave him total control. president mohamed morsi said, this is temporary and today he plans on meeting with the supreme judicial council. critics of mohamed morsi are planning major protests tomorrow. and also new this morning, pictures of a second fire at a bangladesh weekend fire killed 117 people. thousands of people are now in the streets protesting in bangladesh protesting the fire that trapped workers inned building with no emergency exits. at least 12 people died from jumping out of the building trying to escape those flames. and there are new reports that iranian rockets are being sent to gas gaza.
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they spotted those weapons at an iran and in port -- a rainian port -- iranian port last week. they were used to hit tel-aviv during the latest conflict and they are denying they directly supply hamas with weapons. workers are determined to avoid sending the country off the fiscal cliff. congress now has 35 taser to come to an agreement on deficit reduction. if they don't spending cuts will go into effect on january 1st and both parties say they are ready to compromise. the number of deadly crashes were up but dui arrests were actually down slightly. the chp said 31 people were killed including 6 between
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wednesday morning and today. many of those people were not wearing those seat belts. 224 people were arrested on suspicion of dui and that compares to 227 last year. i definitely remembered to put on a seat belt this morning. fog is a major problem in many areas, right tara? >> reporter: the fog is taking hold in oakland, vallejo, and san francisco county so definitely take your time and here is a look, fog has just settled in there and traffic is going well, westbound are those headlights as you make your way towards concord. you can barely see anything and you can make out those headlights and at the bay bridge toll a plaza where a fog
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advisory is in effect for this span. every area does except for the west side of the dumbarton we are told there is some fog there so take it slowly. here is steve. 101 san carlos, an 8th of a mile visibility and parts of the east bay are not dealing with too much yet other locations are socked in and cassie jean said it is clear and some locations of the city are foggy and for a few have fog and others it is nice, a little haze around the edges and we will have more fog tomorrow and boy does it look wet. especially for the north bay, everybody will get in on the rain but first we have to teal with some of that dense fog. then parts of the bay and that will be with us again today and tomorrow. i tell you things are stating
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to focus their attention more towards wednesday and into the weekend and we have a couple of projections, about a foot of rain between wednesday and sunday and some other forecast models are not as bullish. it is inching towards us and that will hold a lot of moisture but not until wednesday morning. monday we have to teal with that fog. after that fog burps off, it can be a decision, and everything is okay. take you there tomorrow night and increasing clouds come in advance of that. no rain yet and there comes the system for wednesday morning. that will be the first of what looks to be many, many systems and the one after that comes in thursday night and off and on into the weekend and we will get to it as we get to that
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timeframe. mild conditions for some, 50s and 60s and that fog is you have to burn off as we get there and today they are clear. increasing clouds, rain arrives during the evening annex system will be here and plan oncoming for the weekend. plan on coming for the weekend. they run three shelters at the national guard armories in gilroy and san jose. that program provides emergency beds annandalely meals and shelters will be open -- and daily meals and shelters will be open. the unusual place he was spotted by an off-duty cop. i have been looking for them, we will he you what you need to know before you start
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shopping. here is a look, we will show you where is the fog when it is at its worst coming up.
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. we have locations that are clear, and it will burn off
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sunny high, 50s and 60s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, a dense fog advisory for some of the areas. and lorraine blanco has been out in that foggy weather since 4:30 a.m. and she will come back and have the latest at 7:00. more than a dozen people were treated during a carbon- monoxide scare in san francisco. traces were found in their system however pg&e is investigating where it all came from. we will have the latest on that investigation. and the u.s. supreme court is taking on the issue of same sex marriage and same sex marriage will become legal here in california because of an earlier appeals court decision. after shopping until they
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dropped, many will be back but staying in looking for deals today. and in san jose, they are here to tell us more about cyber monday deals, pam? >> reporter: they are having the best online -- jeanine? >> reporter: they are having best online deals with this samsung galaxy and now they are selling it for $179 and that's a savings of 70 bucks. they estimate americans will spend more than a half billion -- $1.5 billion today and they started at midnight and places like wal-mart and target are pushing their deals on home paints. and depending on what they pout or spent, we wanted to see if they planned on shopping today.
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>> sure, i am curious because i can scope out and see what is happening on sale but to make me spent my money, i will rather hold on and i do listen and hear about other deals going on closer to christmas. >> beware of online thieves because it is primetime for them to strike. criminals will be tar getting smart phones as well as people using outdated web browsers. holiday shoppers should only go to representable websites and avoid using debit cards because it gives thieves direct access to your checking account. jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. black friday spending jumped more than 2% and shoppers made more than $247 million, spent an average of $423 and those started on
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thanksgiving day this year. they say sales on friday also dropped because many were excited about the stores being open on thanks giving day. and the homicide suspect in jail after an off-duty cop saw him shopping on black friday. he was spotted at a wal-mart thanksgiving night and police were called and moved in and arrested him. he is accused of arresting somebody back on may 2 th and another man was also wounded in that shooting. they are trying to prevent more gun violence after several people were shot and killed after 24 hours. take a look at this map of the three fatal shootings which happened. two women were shot to death near brook dale avenue. an 18-year-old woman was also shot and killed saturday on
6:49 am
28th avenue and east oakland and a 19-year-old man was shot and killed which happened on san pablo avenue in north oakland. now the city of oakland has now seen more than 115 homicides which is more than last year with the number being 110. the record was broken in 1992 where there was 175 homicide. they will begin accepting homicides for intralevel officers. they must be 21 years old, a u.s. citizen and have a high school diploma or equivalent. the starting salary for a san francisco police officer is 88,000 dollars a year. and after a busy year in san jose, the city is reaching out to the public tonight.
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here is more on how you can see more after the chief chris mora announced he is stepping down. you have been dealing with several things and now there is an accident in south bay. that's right, we have a two car crash, minor to moderate injuries could this be due to the fog, well, chp toes not say it is the case but be aware. just outside milpitas, with the off ramp, they are trying to move 0 is the showed -- move off the shoulder but it is definitely affecting traffic. heavy dense fog advisory is in effect. at the golden gate bridge heavy dense fog advisory in effect and all of the your area bridges are under a fog advisory but the west side of
6:51 am
that bridge is socked in by fog. here is steve. foggy for some, and in crocket, zero visibility, can't see across the street but other areas are saying what areas? some areas have it, other locations tonight. we will be in a fog advisory which is interesting and usually it is one or the other but not both. the dry pattern ends wednesday in a big way and in fact we could be seeing some heavy duty rain totals on wednesday going into the weekend and it does not look like a big event for the south bay and we will ease into it as we get closer. rain wednesday morning and again thursday evening. rain likely again on tuesday and we hold off on the rain
6:52 am
until wednesday. 30s and 40s and awful visibility and after that hazy skies. now again yesterday, / santa clara takes off and multiple systems are coming in moderate to heavy. hazy skies, sunny and today will be the last sunny day of the week. that is for sure. 50s and 60s on the temperatures and they don't go very far but if that fog toes not burn off, increasing clouds and from tie into your weekend off and on rain. all of the whom day weekend shopping could have an effect on stocks but we want to take you live down 70 points and the
6:53 am
nasdaq and s&p 500 are dropping and there are concerns in europe which are weighing down in overnight trading. keep an eye on wal-mart and macy's and they say revenues beat expect take. there is a 4% increase because of an improving economy and we have just a quick shot out. one of -- shout out. one of our tweeters is number 25 in the bcs poll. >> wow. good for them. and the search for a missing 16-year-old in the waters of humboldt county, we
6:54 am
will bring you the latest on this tragedy. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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. welcome back, authorities have stopped looking for a 16- year-old boy who was swept into the ocean in humboldt county. the boy and his two parents went into the water to try and
6:57 am
save their dog. both parents drowned and was pronounced dead at the scene. they called off the search for the boy and the dog survived. looking at washington d.c., crews out there, see that big crane, they are waiting for the official christmas tree to arrive and it is a 65-foot tree delivered from toll toll. it will be coughed with 5,000 ornaments and house speaker travis bader will arrived -- john boehner will arrive. they are looking into who will be the starting quarterback when he was asked to replace alex smith and
6:58 am
harbaugh said we will address it at a later date. he passed with 231 yards scored a rushing touchdown and threw that touchdown pass to frank gore. the 9ers defense was incredible. the saints quarterback was sacked 3 times and returned two upper exceptions for touchdowns. -- interceptions for touchdowns. big story this morning in traffic, tara? that's right, if you live in the peninsular or marin and sonoma counties you are looking at patchy fog all of the area bridges are under a fog advisory, highway 37 westbound slow going as well as at the petaluma area. let's go to steve.
6:59 am
>> after the fog we will have more on mornings on 2. we will tell you how dangerous it is, stay tuned for the latest on driving conditions. and in san francisco, carbon-monoxide poisoning more than a dozen people were sent to the hospital. stay with us, we will be right back.


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